MENA Prison Forum
مُنْتَدى المَشْرِقِ والمَغْرِبِ للشُّؤونِ السِّجْنِيَّة

As one of the MENA Prison Forum's many components, a multi-language digital platform was produced to more effectively facilitate discussions on imprisonment and detainment in the Middle East and North Africa. Prison and incareration is an integral part of the social-political fabric of the region, however, obtaining information on carceral issues has traditionally been a difficult and disjointed process. The platform contains an abundance of carceral material, including films, literature, testimonies, bibliographies, prison lexicons, and more, and is organized along three central tracts: chronologically, thematically, and by country. Through its wealth of information, the website allows anyone with an interest to learn more about the past, present, and likely future of incarceration in the Middle East and North Africa.