Crime & Punishment

الجريمة والعقاب
© 2006 UMAM D&R
Arabic - English

The photo exhibition Srebrenica: Crime & Punishment and accompanying events took place during a one-month period in the spring of 2006 and reached a large audience, however, UMAM D&R felt there was a need to offer a greater number of people with access to the discussions and information exchanges that took place. After all, Lebanon was still struggling to deal with its war memories and would likely continue in this struggle for years to come.

As a way of sharing some of the key points from the events, UMAM D&R created a publication under the same title, "Srebrenica: Crime and Punishment," and added additional material to provide readers with various perspectives on memory, atrocity, and justice. It contains excerpts from books offering first-hand accounts of the Srebrenica genocide and its aftermath, as well as the translated text of Hazem Saghieh, a well known Lebanese writer.

While Bosnia and Herzegovina and Lebanon might seem like different countries on the surface, one placed in Europe's vibrant Balkans, the other in a tiny yet tumultuous pocket of the Middle East, in fact, they have a great deal in common. In looking at the way the former underwent and dealt with atrocity perhaps the latter can take away lessons for its own recovery process.

This publication was made possible thanks to funding from the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Midde East.