Back to the Fold
One Prison May Hide Another...
العَوْدُ إلى بني أُمّي

عن سجن زحلة وسجون أُخرى
Testimony of a Former Inmate
Documented by Hassan Sahily
© 2019 UMAM D&R
Arabic with an English abstract

Incarceration brings varied challenges for different people. In "Back to the Fold," the story is told about a man who struggled with the forced family reunion that came with his short stay in the prison of Zahle (Lebanon).

Brought up surrounded by many difficulties, the man finally left the patronage of his family and moved on with his life—that is, until he was thrown behind bars only to find that most of the inmates were from his mother's clan. Back to square one, under the protection of family once again, he realized the extent to which he had become a hostage of self-esteem and just how mentally and emotionally attached to his family he still was.

In spite of the brevity of his incarceration, the prison imprinted itself on the man and ensured that long after he left the cells, the prison would still be with him. And more than that, there was always the fear that he might end up back inside, sheltered by his family yet again.

This publication is part of the MENA Prison Forum initiative and was made possible thanks to funding from the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa).