Second Anniversary of Lokman Slim's Assassination
Statement by Lawyer Moussa Khoury
February 3, 2023


Two years...

Two years during which we never stopped pursuing the criminals who ordered, planned and executed your assassination. We were not intimidated or intimidated.

Two years in which we made a promise not to get tired and not get bored until we reveal the identity of those involved in the crime of your assassination and who covered them up.

Two years and the investigation is progressing. Slowly progressing, but progressing.

They thought that fear would overtake us; they thought that your assassination would terrify us. They thought that your departure would be a reason for our departure. They thought... and they were wrong.

We pledge to you that none of those who were involved in your assassination would remain unpunished, no matter how high they were.

We pledge to you that your assassination would be the end of the era of no accountability in political assassinations, which have become common in Lebanon to the point of indifference.

We pledge to you not to leave a path that we will not follow, that we will not leave an authority that we will knock on its door, that we will not leave a day in which we will not follow up on your case, even if it takes forever, and yet it will not be long.

To those who believe that the assassination of Lokman Slim will terrorize his family to the point of reluctance to pursue the investigation, we say: you killed Lokman, but you were not able to kill his soul in us, and you will not undermine our willpower that derives from his determination.

The era of escaping accountability is over, never to return. The era of compromising justice is over. The era of fear is over. No fear after today. Zero fear!