And They Never Came Back...
... ولم يعودوا
Since 2008

Out of the What is to be Done? Lebanon's War-Loaded Memory initiative a new project was spawned, one with a more refined focus. The "Missing" initiative encompassed a research campaign launched by UMAM D&R in 2007 to bring comprehensive methodologies and empirical data to Lebanese society so that the country's strained history might be better understood, hereby allowing for the country to move closer towards a more lasting and concrete peace than that provided by the Ta'if Agreement. Initially intended to be a relatively small undertaking, the "Missing" initiative evolved into a multi-dimensional collaborative project. 

While there are many avenues down which one could go with this goal in mind, UMAM D&R opted to focus its resources on an aspect of the war that was often overlooked and one that UMAM D&R has always considered essential in settling: the fate of the hundreds, possibly thousands, of Lebanese who disappeared during the civil war and never came back. Amidst the cycle of violence, political gamesmanship, sectarian arrangements, and regional developments, the Lebanese government devoted little attention to the matter.