Performance by Petra Serhal
Toyota 89
A choreography in the darkness

عرض كوريغرافي في الظلمة
May 17 - 26, 2019 @ The Hangar | Beirut

"Toyota 89" by Petra Serhal is a choreography in the darkness centered on fragmented political, physical, and temporal moments in Beirut. This performance interrogates choreography through the use of language, the sensory, and collective imagination.

The Hangar was transformed from an empty exhibition space into a mix of objects and sounds that an individual might encounter on a walk through Beirut. Specifically, it drew upon Serhal’s time in Beirut and the experience as a woman in the city. Feminine notions were explored against the context of Beirut’s masculinity. As the audience sat in darkness, drawing on other senses to illustrate the environment around them, Serhal acted as a guide, using storytelling to lead everyone through various corners of Beirut while encouraging them to become the performer, aware of their bodies and interactions with the outside world.

"I think; I move freely in Beirut.
I imagine the movement whilst still in one place.
Nothing is happening.
My body is rooted in the city.
Its roots are extended all over the city and knotted with other bodies;
present and absent; underground and overground.
My body is a past and present.
I am a fragment.
I am monstrous.
In my absence I move around the city, I am dead and so you think.
I am absent in this time and space, and so you dream.
Your bodies are present, you are the movers, you are the authors of your own body.
I am the dead author or so I think.
I think I am moving. Nothing is happening.
I am moved.
The city and my body are stagnant, and tomorrow is going to be a happy day Winnie."
Petra Serhal

Fadi Tabbal | Tara Sakhi | Sharif Sehnaoui | Ieva Saudargaité Douaihi 
Production manager: Ghiwa El Haiby 
Scenography assistant: Daniel Choueiry 
Media and communication: Rana Najjar 
Poster design: Jana Traboulsi

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