Installation by Jean-Marc Nahas
رأسًا على عقب
December 6 - 16, 2006 @ Zico House | Beirut

Jean-Marc Nahas chose a small thumbnail format for his "Catastrophe," which is a series of drawings and paintings fused in Lebanon’s continual cycles of war. Earmarked to be held in UMAM D&R’s exhibition space, The Hangar, due to damages incurred during one of the many Israeli bombing raids Dahiyeh was exposed to for 33 days during the summer of 2006, it had to be moved to Zico House.

Nahas, who says he has been bathing in catastrophes since he was born in 1963, has been "saved" through his art. With each brushstroke, however, he revisits the war of his youth and the subsequent conflicts thus creating an "archive" of sorts, into which he deposits all the violence that Lebanon has known. In doing so, Nahas also often focuses on the rapes and other brutalities women had to endure and the trauma that claws onto every fiber of the fractured Lebanese tapestry.

"The real catastrophe is that life resumes the day after the war ends, like nothing had happened, as if one could massacre people and then just move on to other things. Although I don’t intend it, sometimes it seems that my work archives things that have happened in this country." Jean-Marc Nahas

This installation was made possible thanks to the institutional support from medico international and Zico House.

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