Mixing Caesar’s Things with God’s

Without the moral and material support UMAM D&R receives from the many people and organizations that share its mission and vision, our organization would be unable to continue its important work. Notably, while all of our donors are full partners in the UMAM D&R charter, we do not maintain direct financial relationships with all of them.

Nevertheless, this section seeks to be as inclusive as possible. With that in mind, it would certainly be easier for us to operate according to the adage, “…give to Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and to God the things which are God’s.” Yet not everything can be so easily rendered, and the invaluable counsel we receive from one source can be every bit as helpful as the financial support we receive from another. Therefore, UMAM D&R consistently mixes Casear’s things with God’s…

Our organization simply could not achieve its goals without the invaluable financial assistance we receive from our numerous supporters. Thus, we would like to recognize our current patrons and other backers “angels.” Indeed, the important contributions each has made have helped sustain our organization and allow it to grow while it continues to make positive and critical differences through a variety of worthwhile projects.